What do people in every state hate the most?

Washington really hates K-Cups

July 26, 2017



There's a dating app, Hater, that connects people based on things they mutually hate. What's better than ganging up on something with someone that loathes that thing as much as you do?

Naturally, the app has gathered metric buttloads of data on what each person hates, and thanks to the power of #content, they shared that data with the internet on a state-by-state basis and there are some weird ones on there.

Graphic provided by Hater

Here in Washington, apparently our love of coffee only goes so far. The most hated topic in the Evergreen State are Keurig K-Cups. We love the environment and we love coffee you have to work for.

Apparently, I can never visit Indiana for their hate of bloggers might drive me out and for some reason, out of all the things you can hate in Delaware, most people in Delaware hate Casey Affleck. C'mon guys. Manchester by the Sea  wasn't THAT bad, was it? 

There's a few I can get behind, though. I would totally swipe right on Georgia, who hates Tuna Salad. Nebraska and I would probably make it to the second date for our hate of "friendly reminder emails," and Illinois and I might as well go ahead and get married (don't tell my wife).

What's the weirdest thing on this list? 

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