What it's like to have a 4/20 birthday

April 20, 2017



Some people are lucky with their birthdays and are born on or around Christmas and get double presents. Others are born on Halloween and get candy AND presents. I too was born on a special holiday in the United States. 

I was born on 4/20.

There are really only two scenarios that happen when someone finds out I was born on April 20th, the unofficial international day of pot smoking.

Scenario #1:

Person:  "When is your birthday?"
Me: "Oh, it's April 20th."
Person: "Oh ho ho 4/20! I know what I'm getting you for your birthday!"

*Commences finger guns and winking so it's abundantly clear they are talking about getting me weed, though nobody has ever followed through*

or Scenario #2:

Person:  "When is your birthday?"
Me: "Oh, it's April 20th."
Person: "That's Hitler's birthday." 
Me: "…uh…yeah...I guess it is…"
Both of us: *Thinking about Hitler now*

On a very rare occasion does someone bring up scenario #3 and remind me that legendary backup vocalist and R&B singer Luther Vandross (RIP) was also born that day. That rare occasion is also always brought on by my grandma.

Basically, having your birthday on 4/20 means jokes about weed and thinking about bummers like Columbine and Hitler. Every time a bartender checks your ID, they say “nice,” which is especially great when I’m out to dinner with my Luther Vandross-loving grandmother.

You can't even really eat your birthday cake without someone asking if there's weed in it. (There is, ok?)

I get it. 4/20 is all about weed jokes, toking up, and celebrating what is our legal right here in the Evergreen state. But when you are born on 4/20, it's a day to question every "birthday brownie," open no gifts around your parents, and try as hard as you can to avoid talking about Hitler.

So to my fellow birthday buds (lol) out there like I feel your pain, also happy birthday.

Here's who you can wish a happy birthday to today:

  • Stefan Frei - Sounders FC Goalkeeper
  • Brad Evans - Sounders FC defender
  • Felix Baumgartner - The dude who jumped out of space
  • George Takei - Star Trek
  • Andy Serkis - Current lord of the sith
  • Killer Mike - Run The Jewels
  • Luther Vandross - Ask my grandma

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