What should we call the Seattle NHL team when it comes? The Kraken? Rainiers? Tauntauns?

February 27, 2018

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Since the birth of team sports, fans have been picking weird monikers to rally around to support their favorite teams. To call yourself a "Seahawk" or a "Sounder" only makes sense when referencing the team of the same name which you support (Mariners are real-life sea-men and women, so it's not so weird).

It is still very early days on the whole "bring professional hockey to Seattle" idea, but a group is taking season ticket deposits starting March 1, a stadium is getting ready to go under a massive overhaul, and NHL execs were gushing about our city as a potential landing spot for a new team.

Naturally, the next step is picking a team name and colors and we have a few ideas how this process should go down.

1. The name should evoke some sort of Seattle or PNW idea (how many penguins are there in Pittsburgh?)
2. The colors should be blue and green. Seattle sports does one thing well and that is some sort of consistency across all our teams
3. It's literally that simple.

With that, here are our ideas:

Name: Seattle Freeze
Logo: A Tauntaun running through Hoth, or a Wampa.

This one comes from Gregr and Manley and honestly, it's the only name that makes any sense at all. Not only is it a very Arnold-Schwarzenegger-as-Mr-Freeze level name for a team that plays ice hockey, it's a perfect name for a team representing a city full of a bunch of people so famous for not wanting to be your friend that a name for the unfriendliness was coined. If this doesn't get used, you bet I'm going to Seattle freeze the hell out of anyone working for this team.

Name: Seattle Salmon
Logo: A human-sized salmon in a hockey uniform a la Mighty Ducks
Another very obvious name for a team playing a sport in this region. Whales are taken by the Seattle Seawolves (and Sammy the Sounder), pretty much all birds are taken by the Seahawks and Thunderbirds, which leaves only one more iconic animal to don a jersey for a new PNW team. Salmon. "C'mon, you mighty Sockeye!"

Name: Seattle Bezos
Logo: Bezos' Balls

We might as well start brown-nosing our eventual overlord now, right?

One group (who knows who it was?) already registered a bunch of websites for the following possible team names, according to detroithockey.net. Official or even if just a URL squatter, they offer up some interesting candidates:

  1. Seattle Cougars
  2. Seattle Sasquatch
  3. Seattle Eagles
  4. Seattle Emeralds
  5. Seattle Evergreens
  6. Seattle Firebirds
  7. Seattle Kraken
  8. Seattle Rainiers
  9. Seattle Renegades
  10. Seattle Sea Lions
  11. Seattle Seals
  12. Seattle Sockeyes
  13. Seattle Totems
  14. Seattle Whales

Notably missing is the "Seattle Metropolitans," aka the first American team to win Lord Stanley waaaay back in 1917. 

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There are plenty of good options out there. What do you think we should call the team? 

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