You can now play the Glass Animals video game from "S2 E3"

November 30, 2016

Courtesy of Glass Animals | Caroline Records

Glass Animals are having quite the year. The Deck the Hall Ball band released their sophomore album to critical acclaim (one of my personal top five in 2016) and they are getting set to blow our minds at Key Arena.

Now, the band has a video game

Every song from How to be a Human Being is getting its own website (links to the others here), but the game from the "Season 2 Episode 3" music video is now playable online or on your phone (iOS / Android).

You play as the main character from the music video (which you can watch below) as she runs through the city, jumping over buildings and shooting skateboards at soda cans and televisions. The controls are easy and the song, which also happens to be my favorite on the album, plays behind as you have a crazy trip from eating bad mayonnaise. 

Tweet me your high score, come at me.

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