Bumbershoot 2012: Day Three

September 5, 2012

Day three of Bumbershoot in my opinion was the best.  There were definitely great shows on Saturday and Sunday but Monday really presented one big show after another.  Starting the day was Super Geek League.  If you haven't read my review of that show you can do so here.

Right after SGL was Foxy Shazam.  A friend of mine told me they were pretty special and he was right.  A very quirky band with a ton of attitude.  I was blown away after just one song.&n bsp; I could only stay that long however as there were a ton of photographers lined up to shoot them and I needed to race across the festival for M83. 

M83 put on a big show for the big stage.  They announced that Key Arena was the largest venue they had performed in front of and they rose to the challenge.  I missed the crowd rushing onto the floor during the performance but heard it was an overwhelming experience.  The band is clearly doing something right to generate that kind of passion and intensity from the fans.

LP on the Starbucks stage

Ana Tijoux on the TuneIn stage.  Not my best photo coverage of the festival I must admit.   My only real critique/whiny moment about Bumbershoot is that the security on this stage was very difficult to work with and made it extremely hard to provide decent covderage.  Hopefully it will change next year but in the mean time Ana Tijoux was too good not to post at least one pic.

Fishbone was a lot of fun in the Exhibition Hall.  Their fan base is dedicated and filled with love for this group.  A great buzz about them lifted my expectations before going in and those expectations were definitely met. 

Lights on the TuneIn stage.  Same deal as Ana Tijoux with security but I had a little extra time to stay behind and grab some extra shots.  She was easy on both the eyes and ears.

The Vaselines were entertaining not just with their great music but the hilarious banter back and forth. 

Skrillex closed the main stage for the festival.  The fans were lined up pretty deep for a very long time to get a good spot to see him.  I don't know how many people actually did though.  I spent about 10 minutes in the photo pit and another 15 or so wandering the upper level looking for a good shot.  The grand total I actually saw him was probably about 3 seconds combined.  It was nothing short of a miracle that I got the one decent shot I did. 

This was a more typical view. 

At least the lights were neat. 

Thanks for a great festival Bumbershoot!  Until next year....

-Mat Hayward