Bumbershoot 2012: Day Two

September 3, 2012

It seemed to me as though the crowd on day 2 was a little thinner than Saturday which made it much easier to maneuver through the giant festival.  I was running from stage to stage from start to finish and had the opportunity to shoot some great shows.  Standouts for me included Sharon Jon es and the Dap Kings, Yelawolf, The Young Evils, Mudhoney, Lee Fields and the Expressions  and of course Tony Bennett! 

Below are a few pics from the day.

-Mat Hayward

Sharon Jones and the Dap -Kings was just what the Doctor ordered for me!  A soulful performance with powerful vocals, attitude and a spectacular band to back her up.  Great show! 

After a bizarre start to the day with festival ground crew chopping down most of a tree in the starbucks stage area Ty Curtis took the stage and went nuts with his guitar.


I wasn't shooting Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme.  I walked by the stage and heard them and had to run back to grab a couple shots.  I was very much reminded of the Commitments and hope to see them again so I can really watch the show.

In his mid 80s Tony Bennett proves you are as old as you feel.  Makes him around 30 I'm guessing (makes me around 85).  He literally ran onto the stage, started fist pumping in the air and belting out tunes that put a smile on my heart.  It was a privilege to shoot that show.

Yelawolf...awesome show!

Seattle's Young Evils have exploded on the scene.  With concert photo legend Lance Mercer watching his daughter perform I felt some pressure to get good shots.  It was great to see how much they have evolved in a short time in both sound and stage presence.  This is a band to watch!

Fruit Bats

Super Geek League playing today (Monday) in the Exhibition lounge sent out unicorns and girls to promote the show.  Wait till you see the pics!  I haven't even taken them yet and I'm excited! 

The Dirtbombs

The Promise Ring

Before Mudhoney security flooded the photo pit concerned the crowd would get out of hand.  Nothing to worry about, this band was intense, sounded great and was very fun to watch.  The crowd was bouncing, shouting and having a great time but absolutely was not out of hand. 

A little bit of James Brown, a little Charles Bradley...a LOT of Lee Fields and the Expressions!  Excellent show! 

Deep Sea Diver

Big Sean filled the stage with his charismatic smile and really put on a good show. 


Sorry Mac Miller..you lost me when you bragged that Tony Bennett opened for you.  I hope he was kidding but sadly, it appeared he actually believed that to be the case.  Try not to believe your own hype too much dude.