Bumbershoot 2014

September 3, 2014

Another Bumbershoot has come and gone.  I missed the first day so I tried to make it up on Sunday and Monday by shooting a lot.  The most memorable performances for me were put on by Schoolyard Heroes, Valerie June, Bootsy Collins and The Reverend Horton Heat.  Overall, there was a lot of diversity in the lineup but a giant name or two as is typical with other comparable festivals was missing.  The festival felt a little less crowded than it has in the past and I couldn't help but wonder if the lineup impacted overall sales.  Moving the main stage back to the football field was great from a photographers perspective but it made the crowd appear a bit sparce with such a vast amount of space.  Vendors I spoke with told me it was their best year in many.  So it's more than likely just my perception that is off.  This would not be entirely unprecedented. 

Here are some photos from Sunday and Monday.  Enjoy!

Mat Hayward
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Janeane Garofalo was seen hanging out all three days at Bumbershoot and seemed to have a great time.  Her humor is so incredibly dry that one of my favorite parts of watching her perform is seeing the crowd trying so hard to process what it is she is saying.  By the time many have figured it out she has already moved on to something different.  You have got to be very quick to keep up with her!

Schoolboy Q

Red Fang!

Matt Braunger and his sexy mustache.

Tom Robbins

Schoolyard Heroes

Waterbottle baseball with Schoolyard Heroes

The Replacements


Mission of Burma

Big Star's Third

The Dismemberment Plan

Head and the Heart

Bootsy Collins

Capitol Cities

Valerie June

Twin Shadow

J. Cole

Neon Trees (that's gonna hurt)

Foster the People

THE Reverend Horton Heat