Bumbershoot Day Three 08.02.13

September 3, 2013

So that's it folks.  Bumbershoot is done for another year.  Fortunately, the projections were a bit off and the rain waited until today.  The weather was about as perfect as could be for the festival.  What the festival lacked in a "WOW" lineup they made up for in diversity.  From folk to punk with everything in between there really is something for everyone at Bumbershoot.  While I was physically blown away by BASSNECTAR (no joke, the bass literally bounced through my body.  I've never felt anything like it) I wasn't ever blown by a performance.  Don't get me wrong, everyone I saw was good.  I just didn't get my face rocked off by anyone yesterday like Gary Numan did to me on Saturday.  if pressed to pick a favorite for Monday it would be Allen Stone.  It's so awesome to watch how he has evolved as an artist.  His stage presence, charisma and overall likeability is matched by his vocals.  I thoroughly enjoyed Bumbershoot, it's a great opportunity to discover a new favorite and to catch up with great friends in the photo pit. 

Mat Hayward
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Alt-J was the first band of the day at KeyArena.  They seemed better suited for the large stage than the last time I had seen them at the Neptune.  The stage presence of Alt-J is in my opinion a bit morose.  The beautiful light show that accompanied them yesterday really enhanced the show for me.  Their music is phenomenal, adding the visual effects really made it great to be there.

One of the best things about Bumbershoot for me is to interact with the fans.  The happiness of the crowd is so contagious!

The happiness of this crowd...not so much.  They were literally hissing at me.  CREEPY!


Lydia Ramsey of St. Paul De Vence.  She (and they) is/are pretty awesome.

Redd Kross

This was pretty funny.  Hot Comedy with the spicy news.  This is Craig May eating an insanely hot pepper then proceeding to do a stand up comedy routine.  Ouch.

The Joy Formidable are really, really fun to watch and listen to.


Bryce yells out "Who is excited for BASSNECTAR?!?"  Just one guy rebelled against security to tell the world that he was excited.  Awkward :)

Bryce on stage at KeyArena.

I ran into Allen Stone earlier in the day and he was nice enough to pose for a quick pic. 

GTA opened for BASSNECTAR.  The bear suit didn't last long.  It was friggin hot in there.

This guy was pretty stoked to be there.

Allen Stone was phenomenal. 

DeerHunter wins the award for the strangest band I saw at Bumbershoot this year.  I really liked their show.  Quirky and odd..just like me :)

One more from DeerHunter just because I like the photo.

Photographer extraordinaire Matthew Lamb (R) and myself getting ready for the BASSNECTAR show. 

This time the crowd  was ready!

OK, seriously...I mentioned it before and it needs to be repeated.  The bass from this show was so intense it vibrated my internal organs.  When I left after my 15 minutes were up it took me at least another 15 minutes before I started to feel a "normal" again.  Well, as normal as I ever feel anyway. 

Thanks for visiting the blog!  See you next time!