Bumbershoot Day Two Wrap Up!

September 2, 2013

Our buddy Mat Hayward couldn't cover Day 2 of Bumbershoot this year. He's very busy and important, okay? So instead you get to experience the day through me, Pepper. I'm sorry in advance. Sunday kicked off around 1pm for me and it was friggen beautiful out. Sunshine for days, which of co urse means sweat and humidity for days. It was gross great!

Headed straight to the VIP area at Fisher Pavilion(I'm the worst, I know) and listened to FIDLAR while eating buffalo chow mein. Yes, BUFFALO. Spoiler alert: It was delicious. Oh, and FIDLAR sounded great too. Then I spotted someone familiar... Bryce! Instead of saying hi to people you know, try taking a photo of their back and texting it to them. Totally normal behavior.

I like to take the road less traveled at music festivals, which means checking out indoor activities, like FLATSTOCK! Accidentally spent $60 on posters that will just live in my closet. It was a zoo in there, by the way. Bitches love poster art.

After Flatstock at The Armory, walked over to check out some VISUAL ART stuff! See? The road less traveled continues. Saw some cool spider web-like stuff that was being shot out of a machine and gradually covering up a ladder. ~art~

Also, this was a thing you could have eaten at Bumbershoot. I wasn't brave enough. Would you have been?

At this point, you may be asking "Pepper, did you see any MUSIC while you were at Bumbershoot?" and the answer is YES! But not until much later. Let's continue...

Spotted some cool bathroom grafitti! Pretty sure MGMT was behind it. 

One of the cool things about Bumbershoot is you can leave and re-enter! It's a damn miracle. But if you decide to do this, you will have to deal with being branded by a gigantic, wet, sharpie-like stamp. Super sexy! This was the part of the day where I left to run around Queen Anne for no reason. BUT when I returned, it was to finally see some music!

Around 7-something, I ventured into Key Arena to score some good seats for the only two music acts I needed to see that day: Ra Ra Riot and Death Cab For Cutie. Key Arena was pretty packed by then, as you can see, and unfortunately everyone starting doing the wave. It went on for a solid two minutes. It was terrible to watch. I'm a grump, I know.

LOOK! A band! Live music! Yay! Ra Ra Riot's SO fantastic. Their sound is very pop-y and energetic, but with depressing lyrics about death and stuff. I love them. Not sold? Check out their babe of a lead singer: Wes Miles!

He tweeted at me after the show and I giggled like a school girl. LISTEN TO RA RA RIOT! Ahem.

The moment everyone had been waiting for was finally about to arrive. Death Cab For Cutie was really going to play "Transatlanticism" in full. Everyone at Key Arena was prepared to hold hands and weep at that point. (Yeah right, they were doing the stupid wave again... ugh) 

A silhouetted Ben Gibbard appeared and soon we heard the first notes from "The New Year". It was even more beautiful than what we had imagined. They sounded incredible. Then they played "Lightness" and we began to realize THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! 

Proud to say, I only teared up once. "Passenger Seat" got me, man. Ben Gibbard on a piano just gives me ALL of the feelings I guess. And at some point during this song and "Transatlanticism" itself, you could hear a friggen pin drop in Key Arena. Everyone was silent and just staring and listening. It was an emotional moment for any Death Cab fan.

The band did not disappoint. After they finished "Trans", DCFC played a bunch of hits including "I Will Possess Your Heart", "Cath", and "Crooked Teeth" plus the local favorite "405". It was an incredible show. Thanks for having a birthday, Barsuk.
Annnddd, that's it! Bumbershoot's Sunday festivities will be hard to beat. Bring it on, Monday!