Cage The Elephant @ Showbox Sodo 08.27.14

August 28, 2014

I gotta say, Wednesday was a great day!  As I have mentioned in the past, Cage the Elephant is one of my very favorite bands.  Not only is their music the perfect range of wild and crazy punk to beautiful and melodic they are nothing short of incredible to see live.  It doesn't ma tter if you see them in a massive venue such as the Gorge or in a small club, front man Matt Shultz has a way of bringing the entire crowd together and making you feel involved.  It's a much more personal concert experience than the rehearsed, pre-planned (canned) shows that seem to be domi nating the road these days.  There are lots of new faces in the band and they all seemed to click pretty well.  It didn't feel the same without guitarist Brad Shultz though.  The connection on stage between the brothers is always fun to watch as they seem to feed off of each other .  Nonetheless, the sold out concert was great as I knew it would be. 

Earlier that afternoon Matt Shultz, Nick Bockrath and Matthan Minster made a quick trip to the station to record an acoustic EndSession featuring their new single 'Cigarette Daydreams' up on the roof-deck.  It was a perfect day, they sounded great and I can't wait to see the video.  Make sure to check it out when it's online.

Mat Hayward
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Check it out, Matt is such a good musician he doesn't even need to hold the guitar to play!

I saw lots of familiar faces in the sold out crowd at Showbox Sodo.  The crowd was hot, sweaty and ready!

Opening act local band Iska Dhaaf.  They be so weird but so cool at the same time.