Check out Project VoCo, Adobe’s ‘Photoshop’ for audio.

An amazing tool for the forces of good, or evil

November 14, 2016

Wow, this new project from Adobe is pretty nuts.

Adobe announced a new software called 'VoCo,' and I’m watching this video with so many applications come to mind. Will we be able to type out song lyrics and sync them to a midi track to create vocal phrases? Will this help or hurt voiceover talent? Will it lead to an app that instantly transforms your voice into another’s as you speak? 

They seem to think they are building in the proper safety protocols to keep you from fully impersonating someone, but still...

One thing is certain, from now on you’ll have to wonder if I’m broadcasting Subtronic End live from the studio, or typing it in from Cancun. 

Check out the functionality of VoCo below:

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