Chromeo @ Showbox Sodo 10.10.11

October 10, 2011

Photo via: @ianimhof

Why is Chromeo so cool? Hon estly I dunno. It doesn't make a ton of sense when you throw a big dude with a bald-beard and a suave lookin skinny Canadian dude who wears sunglasses indoors together (well technically they're both Canadian) but it totally does. Chromeo are masters of their '86 era sound pumping out dance jams th at inspire closed eyed visualizations of bikini clad chicks, red ferrari's, miami, and probably cocaine. While none of those things actually graced the stage at the Sodo, the band hardly needed it. Armed with a number of "chromed out" classic synths stilted on the legs of women (but really, check this out) it was as if the room was hunny-i-shrunk-the-kids'd, thrown in the drunk of a delorean and shot back in time. Brilliantly simple flashpot lighting backing the duo, provided the perfect accents for the jives and nuances, the sold out showbox couldn't get enough as Chromeo transformed the room into a literal Hot Mess while delivering an incredibly balanced set leaning heavily on the bands latest album Night By Night but not at the expense of any hits, Tenderoni, Bonafide Lovin, Fancy Footwork, all present and the crowd ate it up like a chocolate fountain outside Tony Montana's mansion.

Perhaps the standout part of the evening came during the bands second encore (yes you read that right, 2) when they gave a loving shout out to the recently passed DJ Mehdi with whom the band have a long and close history with, culminating in their 2006 collab I Am Somebody (which you likely heard in commercials around that time). In tribute to the fallen DJ the duo have been playing the track every night on their tour, and what a cut it is. An exciting rarity for fans, and a fitting tribute to a lost friend. RIP Mehdi.

In a nutshell, Chromeo are THE party. They slayed to 30,000 people at Sasquatch last year, they brought down the house at the Sodo. Whats next for these dance champs? (besides appearing on Ultrasound of course) Seems like the sky is the limit.