City Arts Fest Friday 10.19.12 Bosnian Rainbows and Reignwolf

October 20, 2012
It never ceases to amaze me how many times I can be surprised by music.  Last night at the Triple Door was maybe the biggest surprise of all.  All week long people have been talking about Omar Rodriguez Lopez and his genius with a guitar.& nbsp; I believed them.  I was ready to get rocked.  However, I wasn’t even remotely prepared for the Bosnian Rainbows.

Starting the night was Seattle’s dark electronic trio the Crypts.  I think they took the crowd by surprise a bit starting the set while fans were being escorted to their seats.  It took me a few minutes to get into it but once I did I really liked their dark style and punk attitude.

When Bosnian Rainbo ws started to play I immediately fixated on Omar expecting him to be the dominating performer.  He stayed near the back of the group however, humbly playing his guitar in a seemingly effortless manner.  It was clear he wasn’t there to be the center of attention. 

Singer Teri Gender Bender was singing ,  dancing, gyrating, dropping to the ground and screaming, doing things with her mic that I’ve never seen before (use your imagination).  She pretty much defined the word awesome as far as I’m concerned.  Later she jumped off the stage, got on her hands and knees and crawled up and out of the venue.   I can only imagine she freaked some people out in the musiquarium upstairs.  The action never stopped!  At least a dozen times throughout the show I found myself with some serious goose bumps.

After that mind bending experience I went to see a guy that I already knew rocked hard:  Reignwolf.  If you haven’t seen him play live yet you are really missing out.  The only thing missing at a Reignwolf show is a CD for sale.  The show was located at a somewhat strange venue in my opinion…The laser dome at Seattle Center.  I was right up front so I could fully appreciate it and could see him play for the most part.  When I moved back a bit to take in the lasers I found that unless he was standing on something you really couldn’t see much of anything at all.  A number of people were laying on the floor enjoying the music and watching the laser show.  That’s cool and all but I don’t think you can really appreciate a Reignwolf show without watching him beating the crap out of his gear and himself.  

-Mat Hayward