City Arts Fest Thursday 10.18.12

October 19, 2012

Thursday night I had the opportunity to shoot 4 bands performing for the City Arts Festival at three different venues.  The rain was dumping, the wind was blowing and fans were scattered all over the city to see some great music.

Up first was A Fine Frenzy featuring the beautiful and talented Alison Sudol whose disarming smile and tender vocals had me wanting to hear more.

Out came the umbrella and off I ran to my favorite venue in Seattle the Triple Door.

Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox of Lemolo took the stage in front of a sold out crowd and mesmerized us all.  Melodic vocals paired with intense, powerful drum beats with beautiful light had me entranced.  I had seen them at the Capitol Hill Block Party earlier in the year but didn’t fully appreciate their talent on the outside stage.  The Triple Door Stage seemed to really suit their style and from what I could tell of the crowd’s response they seemed to agree

Back to the Moore I went to catch the first three songs by Joshua Radin.  Before he could even make a sound a woman screamed “I love you!” He responded in kind then played some great music. 

I then raced to Showbox Sodo hoping to catch Mos Def for his 10:30 show.  I made it in time but it turned out it didn’t matter.  Around 11:20 or 50 minutes  after he was supposed to start he strolled out onto the stage under (a photographers nightmare) dim red lights.  In my opinion starting that late was a pretty disrespectful move towards the fans that had been waiting so long.  If he wouldn't have played one of my favorite characters (Ford Prefect) of one of my favorite books of all time in the movie the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy I would have left without shooting the show (not to mention I was wedged in a photo pit about a foot wide with around 15 other photographers so leaving really wasn't an option unless I were to make the entire pit vacate).  The crowd had been sporadically booing after about 35 or 40 minutes but they seemed to forget about their disappointment when he finally made it out.  I mentioned this to a few friends all of whom told me that this it's very normal for him to come out very late for his shows.  You can call me unimpressed.

-Mat Hayward