Coachella 2013 Day 1 Recap

April 13, 2013

Acts Seen On Day 1: Youth Lagoon, Jake Bugg, Johnny Marr, Divine Fits, Pete Tong, Four Tet, Local Natives, Modest Mouse, Dog Blood, TNGHT, YYY's, Blur, Stone Roses, How To Destroy Angels

Top 5 Acts Of Day 1: Divine FIts, Local Natives, Blur, Four Tet, How To Destroy Angels

2013 Coachella Trends: Putting things on top of pool floaty noodles and waiving them around, bottlenecked lines, being a bro

Best New Stage: YUMA

Worst New Line: YUMA

Number Of Times Hit In The Face By A Bro While Waiting In Line: 1

Number Of Spicy Pie Slices Consumed: 2

Number Of People Watching Stone Roses: 5,000 MAYBE

Number Of New Daft Punk Album Teasers Screened: 1 (

Best overheard quotes: "Things were going really well till I smoked that random guy's drugs", "I feel like we're the people in the closet, you know, the indian in the cupboard?"

Celebrities Spotted: Riff Raff, Tony Hawk, Ross Robinson, Slipknot, A-trak, Tim from RATM, Shepard Fairey, Paul Tollett


Coachella 2013 started off frighteningly with ungodly entry lines that turned to a crowd rush, which consequently resulted in a bro hitting me in the face.  HOWEVER, I will say that the staff managed the whole scenario incredibly well and everyone was able to enter the venue unharmed thankfully, though it did spawn the re-occuring saying "THIS IS HOW BAD THINGS HAPPEN".

The new YUMA stage is amazing.  Teeny Tiny little air conditioned tent, capacity maybe topping out at 1500, complete with slick wood dance floors, 4 disco balls, an array of spinning lights and perhaps coolest of all, an analog screen made up of actual lightbulbs projecting basic images ala the 70's.

Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridans are absolute masters when it comes to the live presentation of their bands, this round it was incredible layered fiber-optics curtains surrounding the group resonating all kinds of spacial imagery, but goddamn if How To Destroy Angels wouldn't be 50 times better if his wife wasn't anywhere near it. 

The new Sahara Tent is INSANELY and unreasonably large. Off to day 2 check back tomorrow. All band photos by my good friend @suprefan, follow him on Twitter for more.