Coachella Day 2/Weekend 2 in Pictures

April 22, 2012
Coachella day 2 was marked with blistering heat a laid back pace, blistering heat, and for a moment there at night, one of the best vibes of the past 13 years (yes, this is the 13th year, 14th Coachella). Highlights included a much more enjoyable set from Jeff Mangum this week (now that the wind wasn't chilling you to the bone) As well as a clear starry night set from Bon Iver (who my just drop the same magic on you when they headline Sasquatch at the Gorge next month). Here's a few snap shots from cool stuff we saw while trecking around, hanging out, and trying to get a wink from not-megan-fox (aka that girl from Transformers 3). Check out the vibe below!