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Where is Seattle's best dive bar?

April 20, 2017

Where do you go if you're trying to go to Seattle's best dive bar? Different people are gonna have different definitions of a "dive bar." Most say it with "meh" I, on the other hand, say it with love.

And yeah, there are gonna be a lot of great places left off this list... deal with it. If you don't see one, be mad on the internet and tweet at me and maybe it'll make part 2.

The High Dive - Fremont
The High Dive always has rad music with a reasonable cover. It's walking distance to Nectar and other bars in Fremont. I've also played this venue a few times and they always have a fridge full of PBR in the green room *OK hand sign emoji* 

Cha Cha Lounge - Capitol Hill
I know I know... but this place is literally underground and covered with Lucha art and full of hipsters. That is to say, it's kinda my thing. Also there a photo booth.   

Kraken Lounge - U-District 
Once called The Galloway Arms, The Kraken is one of the few places I still recognize in the always changing U-District. Also.... Punk rock all..the...time!

Victory Lounge - Eastlake
Hot dogs all day! Food specials, live music, and it's located next to a bunch of other rad venues (eVOLV UNDERGROUND, lo-fi, etc.)

Re-Bar - South Lake Union
This is the best event bar, anything from drag king and queen shows to theater, from dance nights to burlesque, this Seattle landmark is insane! It was even the host of Nirvana's Nevermind album release party where they started a food fight and got kicked out!

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