Crystal Castles @ Showbox Sodo 10.25.12

October 25, 2012

There was exactly one thing that needed to happen for me to enjoy crystal castles at the showbox tonight. And all that is, was to turn off the goddam n overhead lights. But there we were, the band and I and a bunch of other weirdos twirling glowsticks and dressed like it's tomorrow (freaknight) oh and of course the room lit like it's 3 o clock in the afternoon. Like, seriously. When it gets darker every time the stage lights up, that' s a sign. 


All bitching aside the show got off to a smashing start. Kicking things off with the two tastes we've had of III thus far, Plague sounding slightly flat with Wrath Of God coming off like any other CC classic. 


At one point I moved to the center of the bar and signal my girlfriend who says she can see better from over there, but what's to see? Crystal castles live is little more than a shit ton of blinding flashing lights, Alice Glass occasionally diving into the crowd (it took her a mere 2 songs tonight to do this before taking refuge perched atop the kickdrum) and a lot of smoke. 


The set is even relatively tame until it hits "Doe Dear" and sounddude pushes all faders up and it becomes punishingly loud. This is what it's about. This is a Crystal Castles show. Violate my senses. More lights. More sound. More thrash. More more more more more. The rest of the set is hit or miss, with the vibe occasionally hitting when it doesn't seem like the lighting guy is just hitting "loop" on rainbow colors and the band isn't just pushing "play" on a laptop somewhere. Essentially the band flirt with greatness via sensory overload, but they do it like a 13 year old boy. Not often enough, and when they do, only the occasional gem pops up. Better luck next time kids.