Deck The Hall Ball 2011: Foster the People

December 7, 2011

Mark foster is an animal, looking like beethoven as he pounds the keys of his piano. Shaking and seizing every which way. If it's been a party so far these guys are taking it to the next level, not a single person is standing still and the arena itself is packed to the brim. It's Fosters first show in the area that isn't small capacity and likely many peoples first shot at seeing the group. Arrant screams echo as the band runs through a set of total hits peaking with closer Pumped Up Kicks which prompts a full crowd sing along. The tunes drops out and the lights come up and Mark Foster hands it over to the crowd and to say they delivered is an understatement as the end of a full chorus by themselves erupts into an earthshaking cheer as they breakdown into the remix before bringing their energy blasted set to a close.