Deck The Hall Ball 2011: Grouplove

December 7, 2011

The kick drum booms t hrough Key Arena as Grouplove kick things off at Deck The Hall Ball. Full of energy and incapable of nout bouncing around the stage, Grouplove are certainly not what you'd expect them to be in person. For starters their bassist looks like a younger Gandalf, and the rest of them are dressed like they just stepped off the hippie bus. A short set that serves it's purpose as the perfect first taste for the evening. Even now there must be a few thousand people here, emotions running high, anxiety for the big acts mixed with the current joy, even in the 200 level you can spot people dancing as you look around. Part of the arena experiece is everyone that you're here with, that even in hard times we can all come together under one music flag . Grouplove live is the band you always pray is playing your friends party, catchy and infectious but not overbearing. A perfect way to set the mood for the evening.