Deck The Hall Ball: Death Cab For Cutie

December 7, 2011

Gibbard is alive tonight! For playing the same room just over a month ago DCFC certainly doesn't show it, dawning a fresh mountain man beard and a new dew it's like a different man fronting the band (except for the fact that Harmer, Walla and McGerr are holding it down tight as ever, those dudes are rock solid and far too often get overlooked.) One has to wonder what it's like for these gentlemen, is it just them sitting on top of the world? How many shows did they see her growing up here just saying to themselves someday..someday... And look at them now, the most established band on the bill. Veterans of the scene. Harmer seriously looks like he belongs in a metal band, his playing is mesmerize and filled with passion as he throws his bass with each move, tethered to his neck or else it would fly from his hands with every move. The band celebrate their whole catalog leaving no stone unturned even busting out some of the deepest deep cuts, maybe for the hometown crowd... Soul meets body is a giant sing along and they close out with Scientist Studies, a track that in the 8 times I've seen them play (4 of them this year alone) I've never heard. Simply put, brilliant. A hometown triumph.