Deck The Hall Ball: Mumford and Sons

December 7, 2011

For not being Ameri can, Mumford and Sons sure are in touch with our roots. I've never heard/seen so many people foot stomping in one place this far north. Incredibly, 95% of the audience sticks around to catch their set. Hits like Roll Away Your Stone and Little Lion Man coming early in the set while they save latest single Awake My Soul for later. Backed by a full horn section and no drummer to speak of, the gentleman manning the upright bass is responsible for holding things down. Well, that and the bottom of everyones boots as they themselves stomp away. Marcus himself however, jumps on the kit towards the end of the set sings along as he percusses (not a word) his way through the track. Truly a spectacle much like Foster, this is the bands first large show in America, quite the jump from the Paramount just last year, And smaller yet their Red Hook End Session.

Encore is The Cave and the entire crowd agrees it's their hit as every vocal chord is strained and belting each and every word along and when they're not, stomping with full force as the key shakes with enthusiasm. These guys will be back here soon and it'll be on their own, they're gonna be... Scratch that, ARE enormous. Deck the Hall Ball ends, but guess what, we'll see you in 2012. Thanks for another amazing year.