Discover & Download - Au/Ra

December 25, 2017

Au/Ra is a uniquely nomadic teenager. A frequent visitor to L.A., she speaks and sings with the lilting accent of someone who lives there, and yet, in reality, English is her third language. Born in Ibiza, she initially spoke Catalan, as well as German. It’s partly this rich linguistic and cultural background that gives her the ability, at just 15, to write glistening alternative pop songs that can speak to anyone.

In her songs, interwoven with this, Au/Ra naturally manages to give a voice to people’s differences being ok.  On her upcoming single, “Outsiders,” she wrestles with a feeling familiar to people the world over. “I’ve always kind of felt like an outsider,” she muses, “Not just because of growing up in the middle of nowhere, but also because I’ve always just been a bit introverted. I wanted to make a song for people who don’t feel like they fit in, and just say, “It’s okay to be a bit weird. Whoever you are, you shouldn’t feel less powerful just because you don’t fit in with the typical in crowd.’”