Photo courtesy of Charming Liars

Discover & Download - Charming Liars

July 18, 2016

With a new year comes new opportunities, and there is no band that has been ready to seize opportunity than Los Angeles rock darlings Charming Liars. The band have hit the ground running since relocating from the UK to the sun and melody soaked streets of Los Angeles a few years ago. Perpetually on the cusp of greatness, their growth has been exponential since 2013, releasing music every year and culminating in last year’s anthemic and polished, Delete. Repeat. EP.

After recently playing a private show in London (that featured notable guests Elton John and Leonardo DiCaprio) the band are back in Los Angeles and ready for the world to hear the new music they’ve been working on. “Soul” could very well be the track aligns the stars of promise for Charming Liars. Heaven knows they’re ready for it. 

Charming Liars is Karnig Manoukian (guitar), Mike Kruger (bass), and Kiliyan Maguire (vocals).