Discover & Download - Conway

February 4, 2016

Raised by a single mother in south side St. Louis, Conway's ambitious attitude moved her to New York after turning 17.  While in New York she became best friends with drummer Amy Wood who convinced her to move to L.A. to record for free at her dad's studio.“She and I packed an old Honda and I moved to L.A. All I wanted to do was make music, so I was willing to leave everything in NYC with practically nothing but a bass and some clothes,” she says. “I thought I’d be there for six months. Six months turned into 2 bands and a solo project's worth of grinding it out: writing music, booking gigs, designing artwork, making videos and putting music out."

After months of performing, writing and collaborating, she came up with the song “Big Talk.” When a friend's attempt at making a video didn't meet her standards, she followed her instincts and shot/edited a new video on her MacBook. Her homemade sauce went viral after a 1-day feature from boosted it stone-cold-out-of-the-blue. This led to an avalanche of label interest, causing Conway to do a little more than pinch herself. “The video was just me being free and creating, like how I am with close friends or by myself when no one's watching. I thought maybe I’d use 30 seconds of it. I didn't realize people would see it and start asking about who I was.”

Download "Big Talk" for free this week thanks to Zoobie Tuesday Music!