Photo courtesy of Warner Bros

Discover & Download - Dennis Lloyd

May 14, 2018

Every song Dennis Lloyd writes is based on an authentic experience or emotion. The songwriter, producer, trumpet player and singer is interested in a true reflection of himself in the instrumentals and the lyrics, and it’s that sentiment that has immediately connected with fans around the world. His music is undeniable, perhaps because Dennis has always known that he had to create.

Dennis’s single “Nevermind,” a buoyant R&B-tinged number, dropped in November of 2016 and quickly began to build momentum for the artist. After some airplay on Israeli radio stations, by January the song had half a million streams on Spotify and emails from record labels around the world started to pour in. The track has since accumulated more than 8 million streams on Spotify and has entered the Viral Charts almost everywhere in the world, landing at No. 4 on the Global chart. To date, Dennis has released several singles and music videos, including a video for “Leftovers” that he directed and edited himself. The musician has been selling out bigger and bigger shows around Israel in the past year, playing to over 1,000 fans, and also recently played club shows in Berlin and Hamburg with fan enthusiasm that mirrored his concerts at home. His music has reached fans across the globe, with marketing campaigns underway in Italy and Germany. He has enough songs written to make three albums and plans to release his first in the coming months. Ultimately, for Dennis, the growing success just means he’s connecting with people.