Courtesy of Columbia Records

Discover & Download - DREAMCAR

March 13, 2017

There’s something romantic about a band’s early days. A sense of innocence, optimism, andwonder courses through the music. In the summer of 2014, No Doubt’s Tony Kanal [bass], TomDumont [guitar], and Adrian Young [drums] and singer Davey Havok [AFI, Blakq Audio] beganwriting and demoing music together. Without telling a soul outside of their significant others,the four musicians clandestinely moved into a cramped downtown Los Angeles rehearsal spotand revved up what would become DREAMCAR.

“It reminded me of the early days of No Doubt when we were jamming in an Orange Countygarage,” recalls Dumont. “We felt that same sense of freedom. There was no label, no manager,no agent, and no roadies.”

Rife with shimmering guitar tones, percussive slap bass, bombastic drums, and a neon-litdancefloor dreaminess, DREAMCAR gleefully nods to the decade of Boy George and Back to theFuture through a kaleidoscope of wisdom earned from three decades creating and connectingwith fans worldwide. Signing to Columbia Records, the boys recorded their 2017 self-titled debut with producer Tim Pagnotta [Neon Trees] in a North Hollywood studio. As they pairedthirty songs down to the record’s 12, the quartet found a kindred spirit in Pagnotta. 

Ultimately, it’s that combination of delectable and dangerous which will leave listenerseverywhere satisfied. “This is a big moment for us,” Kanal leaves off. “It’s a new beginning. Wecan’t wait to perform the songs live.