Photo courtesy of In2une Music

Discover & Download - Flagship

July 3, 2017

Indie rock duo Flagship set out on a mission to make music that stirs up feelings, creates an atmospheric vibe, and makes you feel an array of emotions amidst a moving soundscape of timeless rock and roll. While that mission has been accomplished on the Charlotte, North Carolina-based band’s previous releases, it comes to fruition even more intensely on the band’s second full-length album, The Electric Man, on Bright Antenna Records.

Reaching new emotional depths through a few life-changing events over the past year, the 12-track album delivers atmospheric rock with passionate vocals, pop-minded melodies, rapturous orchestral soundscapes, and themes that run the gamut from love and loss to fear and despair to hope and happiness. Several songs, including the album’s title track, were inspired by the death of their close friend and former band member, Grant Harding, in 2015.

There are also songs about past and future romantic relationships, such as the first single from The Electric Man, “Mexican Jackpot”, which was written with frequent collaborator Leo Solis. “It’s about two people – the verses are about my imaginary dream girl that I’d like to hang out with, and the chorus is about someone I’m really pissed off at. I like the contrast between the verse and the chorus,” Drake says.