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Discover & Download - Grandson

May 21, 2018

grandson is a 23-year-old alternative artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. Born in the small town of Englewood New Jersey, he relocated to the cultural melting pot of Toronto at a young age, and grew up surrounded by music ranging from jazz to rock and roll to rap, dancehall and R&B. He began playing guitar and piano in high school.

Searching for his voice and for meaning in today’s divisive, chaotic world, grandson confronts the most pressing issues of his generation through his songwriting, such as financial inequality, governmental and environmental accountability, and social justice, giving these topics a soundtrack with a genuine sense of urgency and frustration. The music also touches on adolescence, relationships, and the insecurities and difficulties of growing up through your 20’s. When asked about today’s music scene, he says “I genuinely believe the world needs honest rock and roll, now more than ever”.