Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records

Discover & Download - HONNE

June 6, 2016

In little under two years, blue-eyed soul duo HONNE have become the band to fall in love with, and to. “There’s a lot of women at our shows,” says co-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist James Hatcher, “and a lot of couples.” Unsuspecting frontman Andy Clutterbuck – often witness to more than he bargained for as the band’s sensual grooves ripple through certain pockets of the crowd – senses it, too.

“We get a lot of people coming up to us afterwards telling us that a track has soundtracked their relationship, from meeting online to their first date, and from break-ups to having babies.” In their very British, buttoned-up appearance, HONNE don’t strike you as the type to open up about anything this intimate, which is precisely the point – ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ is an album where expressing feelings may not come naturally, but one which nonetheless strives for real love in the digital age.

A record so positive in its view of point-of-view on relationships lends itself naturally to a female voice: first with JONES, a fellow online-favourite who the band teamed up with on beautiful EP track ‘No Place Like Home’. Then came a collaboration with Izzy Bizu, with whom HONNE released breakout collaborative single ‘Someone Who Loves You’ this summer: they met over Twitter (where else?) and soon produced a track fundamentally about forbidden love, “but from both sides of the story.”