Discover & Download - Jake Bugg

March 21, 2016

In Jake Bugg’s hometown of Nottingham it’s a habit of speech not to say “on my own” but “on my one.” “As in, ‘Whadya leave me on my one for?’” explains Bugg. “It’s just something we say in Notts. But in a lot of ways it sums up this record because it mainly has been just me on my own. The first album where I’ve written everything myself, and produced a lot of it myself. There are a few tracks with other musicians but most of it is just me playing all the instruments, including bass and drums. A proper one man band. So it’s been a very solitary process.”

For all its stunning diversity, perhaps the real triumph of On My One is its unity: whatever the sound, its heart, from first strum to last, beats firmly to the blues. “That’s how I see it,” agrees Bugg. “Blues is my favourite genre. Whether it’s soul or hip hop, it all stems from the blues anyway. To me the blues just means singing your emotions and expressing your pain so others can feel it. That’s the beauty of music. If nothing else I’d like to think I’ve done that with this record.”

To make three albums by the age of 22 is no mean feat. But to single-handedly make one like On My One, shapeshifting from blues to pop, rap to folk and soul to country through consistently great songwriting is remarkable. As Bugg himself might say: not bad for a poor boy from Nottingham.