Discover & Download - Just Loud

June 4, 2018

Just Loud’s Episode I is a bold and confident introduction to a truly unique artist, representing an immaculate blend of modern pop and the spiky, in-your-face pop-rock of the 1980s while projecting pure originality. True to its name, Episode I may be the first time you experience Just Loud’s fearless artistry — but it assuredly won’t be the last. Born in Suffolk, Virginia, the 28-year-old singer’s adolescence largely revolved around the church his family raised him within. “It was a very small country church — very old - school,” he states on his upbringing. “My mom couldn’t wear makeup or pants, I couldn’t go to movies or play any sports or watch TV. I was the rebellious one that always had questions.” That rebelliousness eventually led him to be cast away from the church at the age of 15, at which point he decamped to New York to pursue making music professionally.

Figuring out who you are is an essential facet of life on Earth, and Episode I is ultimately a document of Just Loud making such discoveries in real time — expressing himself, his pain and glories, through hi s strikingly impactful art. “I’m saying all the things I wish I could’ve said years ago,” he explains. “Imagine a loner not having a voice, and all of the sudden they just feel like talking.” Episode I is a fantastic opening salvo of such a conversation — and it’ll leave you wanting to hear what he has to say next, too.