Discover & Download - Ra Ra Riot

December 17, 2015

In the past Ra Ra Riot have latched onto cerebral concepts like the Singularity or futurism, but with this album they cast a wider net, focusing on everything from sexual relationships to the Challenger explosion.“ It was fun to write songs about Internet affairs and retain a kind of tech-aspect, but it's much more understated," Miles explains. The stories are conveyed in such a way that it leaves the listener the chance to attach a more personal meaning to each of the 10 tracks. Whether Miles is singing about something fantastic or mundane, there's anenduring energy to the songs on Need Your Light, which illustrates that in many ways, Ra Ra Riot are still only getting started. 

Listening to Need Your Light, it’s quickly apparent that the heightened level of experimentation and expansive soundscapes wouldn’t have been possible without the band’s synth-heavy approach to 2013’s Beta Love. This is clearly evident in the opening track "Water," which starts off with a syncopated groove and minimalist instrumentation before gradually building into a triumphant, 90's soul call to arms.