Discover & Download - Rex Orange County

June 25, 2018

At just 19, Rex Orange County is already living his dreams. His sweeping alternative pop songs weave together the mundane reality of teenage life and the epic fantasy that is teenage love — he takes his moniker from The O.C., a nod to the hyperreal and melodramatic. But Rex is no ordinary teenager: with the release of his second album Apricot Princess in April, he won acclaim from The FADER, The NME, and Noisey, before appearing on Tyler, the Creator’s Flower Boy, and performing live with Skepta. In between working with his heroes, over the last 12 months, the multi-instrumentalist has maintained a steady stream of inventive electronic pop singles, exploring new retro-futuristic sound palettes. “The moment you start thinking about what other people think, and other artists, then you’re going to start writing like other people,” Rex reflects. “As long as you’re being yourself, and putting out what you want to put out, it’ll be the best thing you could do.” It’s that single-minded approach that has seen him crowned second in the prestigious annual BBC Sound of 2018 poll.


Rex closed out 2017 by sharing two new songs, the sparse, shuffling ballad "Edition" and "Loving Is Easy," a lush collaboration with Dutch artist Benny Sings. "Edition" in particular is an indication of where his sound is heading in 2018, he explains: “It was quite a spontaneous idea. I wanted to put out this song that’s bridging the gap between Apricot Princess and where I’m going, as far as sound and melodies. More stripped-back. I love things that are really linear and perfect and simple. Then again, that’s bulls***, because I’m still going to put out really massive songs as well.” In his music, Rex is embracing slowness and space — but the momentum around him isn’t going to stop speeding forward any time soon. “It’s been a f***ing great year. I’m just positive, and hoping next year will be even better.”