Discover & Download - Sjowgren

April 17, 2017

A serendipitous encounter with a stranger, an animated story told by a dramatic friend, the sprawling Californian backdrop - these are just a few of the layers that bleed together to create the many textures of Sjowgren.

Energetic guitars stacked against wistful melodies brimming with vintage aesthetics, the group first brought their lo-fi bedroom rock to light with a collection of demos that surfaced online in 2015. Despite at the time being unfinished, their track, “Seventeen” generated thousands of streams and the whispers of praise of their scuzzed out indie-pop began to grow louder. 

At the time, the band were working full time jobs, sending musical ideas and melodies back and forward from computers across California state. Seeing the response, the group quit their jobs, put their life in suitcases and spent the next few months floating around California, renting Airbnb’s and taking in the idyllic landscape and imagery of the likes of Lake Tahoe.

Partnering with 300 Entertainment, Sjowgren’s official version of “Seventeen” dropped in 2016. With wistful lyrics that are sweet but slip off the tongue with a sense of urgency and a chorus that builds with more heart than you can handle, the official version of the track has gone on to garner over 15 million Spotify streams and 1.55 million on Soundcloud. Creeping to the top spot on the HypeMachine charts on more than one occasion, the riffs of “Seventeen” have since crept out from the bedrooms of California where it was first created and is now being spun across the country on major radio stations.

The band followed up their “Demo” EP with “Now & Then” - a retro tinged and slow burning track that leans to the far left side of pop.