Photo courtesy of Def Jam Records

Discover & Download - TROI IRONS

February 27, 2017

Troi Irons has always been surrounded by music. Her mom is ‘80s recording artist Anne G and her daddrummed for ‘70s funk group Brick. Troi grew up singing with her family and taught herself guitar at age twelve, learning riffs to Green Day’s American Idiot and a Beatles Greatest Hits album. Early on she connected with how a song could channel feelings that might never otherwise emerge.

After being kicked out of the house at eighteen, Troi struggled to make ends meet and spent six months living in her car. This experience, along with many other trying times, make their way into her sincere, honest songwriting. Troi is a multi-instrumentalist who produces all her own songs while writing and producing for others.

Her debut EP Turbulence is meant to ensure each track gives its listener hope.