Photo courtesy of Epic Records

Discover & Download - Zipper Club

August 1, 2016

Zipper Club is comprised of Mason James of Cerebral Ballzy and Lissy Trullie of Lissy Trullie. “I was never pigeonholed into liking one specific genre,” says Mason, the no-nonsense guitarist and founding member behind the addictive assault of a new-wave inspired band alongside multi-instrumentalist, co-writer, and vocalist Lissy Trullie. “If it sounds good I don’t care if it’s from the 1920s or the 2016s. As a musician, you take little tidbits of cool sounds you hear and combine them into something completely unique. Music needs to reflect on itself.”

“Going The Distance” is in many ways a perfect encapsulation of the no-holds-barred attitude of Zipper Club. “It was very appropriate for me, reflective of a road to nowhere I was on at the time, and I wrote it as a coping mechanism,” he says of a song he describes as “My attitude at the time was ‘I’m going to do whatever I want. I’m going to wake up at 2 and no one can stop me.” He laughs. “It’s actually kind of the most punk song on the album.”