EndSessions: Bishop Briggs performs reworked song in historic Seattle church building, The Fremont Abbey

May 4, 2017

Supported by Elysian Brewing Company:

Head up Fremont Ave, over the bridge and past Paseo and you'll find an old church building that has been converted into an art space originally built in 1914 as St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, now called the Fremont Abbey. 

Why Bishop Briggs was our 2016 Breakout Artist of the Year

And if you found your way to the Fremont Abbey on April 12, you would have found a good friend of The End, Bishop Briggs, and her band putting on an exclusive EndSession beneath the arched windows and the echoey vaulted ceilings.

She sang a variety of her songs from the new EP, including this reworked acoustic(ish) version of "Wild Horses." 

After the show, Bishop chatted with Gregr about her bandmates alternative name for "Wild Horses" as someone allergic to the entire species (who knew that was a thing?).