EndSessions: Watch Twin Shadow play "Saturdays" in-studio

Supported by Elysian Brewing

June 22, 2018
Twin Shadow Endsession

Supported by Elysian Brewing Company

It's always special when and up-and-coming band comes through the studio to play music for us. Often, bands come in and you can tell their ceiling as far as where their music can take them seems limitless if they keep up the hustle. Summer Camp 2018 band Twin Shadow is one of those bands.

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Their new single, "Saturdays," which features the equally upward-trending band HAIM, is an 80s synth-pop groove that would fit right in on both the soundtrack for The Breakfast Club AND some indie rom-com coming out this summer starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, probably.

Watch Twin Shadow's live in-studio performance of "Saturdays" below:

EndSessions are supported by Elysian Brewing Company