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Essential KONGOS

Get to know the Summer Camp 2016 band, KONGOS

June 15, 2016

Want to know how KONGOS got their name?

"K" for Cool, "O" for Awesome, "N" for Knowledge, "G" for Jenius, "O" for Artistic, "S" for speling

In reality, KONGOS is four brothers from South Africa with the last name Kongos. Johnny, Jesse, Daniel and Dylan grew up spending time between London and South Africa, but have lived in Arizona for the last, well, a long time. 

Who else is playing Summer Camp 2016?

You can see KONGOS play Summer Camp at Marymoor Park this year, but before we ever asked them to join the bill, they burst on to the radio scene with their hits "I'm Only Joking" and "Come with Me Now" from their second album, Lunatic. 

Now, KONGOS are on the heels of releasing Egomaniac, which came out June 10 and features "Take It From Me." Check out the essential KONGOS, according to us:

Song: I'm Only Joking
Album: Lunatic


Song: Nothing

Song: Take It From Me
Album: Egomaniac