Father John Misty at Neptune Theater 01.29.13

January 29, 2013

Driving home from the Neptune Theater from the Father John Misty show I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to describe this show.  I will let the photos from the night do most of the talking but I’m afraid they won’t do the raw, uninhibited performance I just witnessed ju stice. 

First off, the opening band Rose Windows started the night off right with their 7 piece ensemble that operates under the influence of Chr is Cheveyo and Rabia Qaz.  They had a semi-dirty 70s sound intertwined with hypnotic vocals and powerful instrumentals and I loved them!   

This was the 2nd time FJM had sold out the Neptune Theater in just 3 days.    I now fully understand why .  Sunday when I saw Joshua Tillman performing the End Session he was coming off the nasty bug that seems to have debilitated everyone I know recently.  His infrequent cough in between songs was a sign he hadn’t fully recovered.  That didn’t seem to slow him down one bit as there were levels of intensity during the show that I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed live before.  The peak of the night occurred during a dramatic, powerful  performance of Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings.   It was indescribably awesome. 

I know I said I would let the pictures do the talking but there are few more things that have got to be mentioned…

Joshua Tillman can dance.  He’s built like Conan O’Brien and there are some similarities in moves but in a dance off it would be no contest as Josh has got rhythm oozing out of his pores.

2nd..he’s got swagger.  If you’ve seen him perform you know what I mean. 

3rd…he is a funny s.o.b.  More than once I caught myself laughing so loud that I was disturbing those around me during his banter between songs.   His wit is undeniable.  At one point a fan literally called out requesting “more sarcasm!”  Josh scolded him for being even more sarcastic with his request.  He then followed with the sage wisdom that “Sarcasm is a great tool…for woodworking.”  This was one of several  very random moments throughout the night.

Last but certainly not least the man can sing…..seriously.

-Mat Hayward