Feist @ The Moore 11.17.11

November 17, 2011

Feist stands center stage flanked by a keyboard and a trio of female back up singers. "How come you're so alone there" her latest single bows it's head early in the set, the second song in fact but it matters little what song feist is playing, her fragile voice in focus over the scenery of her air tight backing band is a combination that resonates w ith every member of the seated silent audience. For such a little girl her songs pack a powerful punch. In the back a musician strikes two violins with bows, not playing then just tapping them ever enough to emit the grating sound that pulses throughout the tune, later he goes on to play a number of odd instruments including a music box and the side of a drum, immediately bringing into focus the more complex side of her songs production, perhaps often lost in a commercial mix .

The Moore theaters ancient elegance is a fitting atmosphere for feist, it's worn architecture bringing a serious tone out, emphasizing the idea of a performance over a show. There is certainly a difference, foo fighters, that's a show, that's a spectacle, this is a performance, a concert. Opening act Chilly Gonzales only reinforced that, not only is he her "best friend", also her producer, song writing collaborator, piano playing world record holder, and one hell of a classical player. Did I mention he also raps? A ridiculous juxtaposition he pulls off well to the delight of the few in the crowd who showed up early enough to catch his set. Black and white distorted images wash the backdrop as she sings her little heart out. Feist may be a solo artist but this performance would be severely impaired by it's lack of serious back up. Her band is killing it and tonight it sounds phenomenal in here.

She encourages the crowd to sing along with the chorus of Mushaboom, its soft oooo's resonating throughout the building ohhhhs dream slow the fire out. As everyone starts off timid the first time around, after that the crowd comes in with solid conviction, some clapping and stomping along to the beat. She steps away from the mic to sing with us. Her crowd interaction is fantastic, something she's apparently known for, somehow managing to get everyone to harmonize. It's actually pretty impressive, and by pretty impressive I mean really impressive. It makes you feel like a kid again before she launches into another one of her soft beautifully crafted songs. And damn! She's an impressive little guitar player!

To be honest I showed up to this whole thing to catch Chilly's set and was only planning on staying for a few songs of Feist but I found myself completely captivated and blown away by just how good she was that I stuck around for the whole thing. Her voice spot on, her excitement for the songs still very much alive (this is after all, her first tour for her new LP Metals), It's always great to see an artist who truly connects with their songs, and a crowd that connects to the energy the artist gives out. The set finds a lull in the first encore for me, which is quickly replaced by excitement when Chilly returns to the stage for a solo piano performance of "Limit To Your Love" which, for those of you that are thinking "a James Blake cover???!?!!" (guilty) the track was originally penned by Feist and Gonzales, perhaps she said it best "we wrote this one, you're welcome JB" before standing atop the piano and belting her heart out to end an evening of honesty and excitement. Cross your fingers for a Sasquatch appearance (likely)