FUN. Paramount Theater Seattle 02.05.13

February 6, 2013

Fun. It's hard to describe their stage presence without using the word fun as an adjective.  All day long when I would tell people I was shooting a concert that night they would say "Have fun!"  I would look at them confused and ask "what do you mean by that?"  Then walk away.  It never got old.  The band is upbeat, energetic and entertaining.  The line stretched for blocks outside with thousands of fans excited to watch Fun. take the stage.  It was a good, solid and yes "fun" show.

Mat Hayward

Andrew McMahon opened the night.

The crowd was on the verge of being hysterical when Fun. took the stage!

Nate Ruess


Andrew Dost

Jack Antonoff

None of us photographers could figure out why at the last minute we were told to stay out of the photo pit and shoot from either the side of the stage or the balcony.  We learned the reason once they unveiled a cool mirror/camera system that reflected the band and the crowd at the same time.  The last thing anyone needs to see is my sweaty, bald head bouncing around on the big screen!  :)