Gary Numan @ Neptune Theatre 10.28.14

October 29, 2014

The world needs more rock stars like Gary Numan!  I am physically sore from being in the photo pit last night at the Neptune Theatre.  Not because it was particularly tight in there but because for the first 3 songs of the show I was subconsciously flexing my muscles as though my body was anticipating imminent impact. 

When Gary is on stage he is in your face. His performance is methodical, violent, beautiful and haunting at the same time.  He can be singing at the top of his lungs or literally whispering as he does in ‘Here In The Black.' It doesn& #39;t matter.  For the entire night I was hanging on every word, every gesture, every aspect of the show. A Gary Numan concert is both a physical and mental experience that everyone should take in.  I could easily see this show in a giant arena as  headliner.  Being a foot away from the man on stage with his iconic rock poses and dramatic vocals you can practically see the energy traveling through his body.  It was as though he was channeling it all, building it up then allowing it to explode out of him into his microphone.  This was a serious rock concert and I loved it!

Mat Hayward
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