We now have Star Wars Style Holograms Thanks to Xbox Techonology

Assemble your Jedi council, it's time to holoport!

November 18, 2016

provided by Microsoft Press


Using a combo of Kinect, Hololens, and high-speed internet, Microsoft nerds have developed a system for using holograms to communicate: Holoportation! This video blew my damn mind, and assuming we survive until it's ready for consumer use, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

It's easy to make the "Princess Leia help me Obi Wan Kenobi" reference here - I did - but I think a more accurate way of using this is they way the Jedi council would Skype in their missing members via hologram.

FaceTime or Skype is hella awkward because of eye-contact. I like my brother just fine, but I don't want to FaceTime him to be constantly stuck looking at the screen but remembering to make "eye contact" by looking at the built-in camera. Also, eye-contact is the worst! With holoportation, I could do what we normally do as a family - focus on anything else!

Listen to Gregr's take on Holoportation on Nerd Talk!

I'm curious to see how this will become part of our lives in the future as it gets simplified. Imagine if this is how you attended class, sports, court dates etc. Hololens already could already be used by astronauts or surgeons or surgeons instructing astronauts as a heads-up-display sorta like a fighter pilot.

As with anything on the internet, let's see if dirty movies take to this technology. One thing is for certain, Holoportation will change the celebrity sex tape game in a huge way, you pervert.

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