Virtual Drum Set Keeps Your Annoying Drummer Friend Busy

Practice your paradiddles

November 15, 2016

Photo courtesy of Jonas Knutsson/Freedrum


Check out these rad virtual drumsticks some Scandinavian dudes came up with to keep drummers' hands busy without driving the rest of the focused world into driving pencils into our own eardrums: Freedrum.

We all know a drummer. If not, meet one because they're the weirdest. The problem is that while they can turn anything into a kit to bang away upon, they turn everything into miniature patience testers - tapping, slapping, stomping, kicking until you want to not just punch them, but punch through them into another dimension where rhythm doesn't even exist. 

I remember when my buddy Reid got those plastic covered drumsticks that old man Lars from Metallica uses to make terrible drum sounds on St Anger and we could not have been more annoyed by his love of this new tappy toy. We gladly would have BURNED DOWN THE PLANET to get him to stop. STOP. 

Now, slip these on your sticks are swing around in the air while pairing your VR kit to an iOS app where only you will be able to hear the sweetest fills on the kit of your choice.

I immediately scrolled to the FAQ to find out what it would be like playing without the feedback, the bounce of a stick hitting a head/rim/cymbal and they openly admit it's weird, but that most rhythmnists can adjust in just a few minutes. Also, it appears they've developed a foot clip so you could add a kick drum to the fun.

Freedrum is currently at the crowdfunding stage, but based on the press they've received (likely by people frustrated by their drumming loved ones) it looks like this will be a big hit! That and they've already smashed their fundraising goal.

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