Our Dumb Podcast: We'll Never Sell Out

We'd definitely sell out...

April 22, 2016

This weekend is it, we’re the guests on the Adam Carolla Show! The taping is Saturday (4/23) at The Moore Theater and will air sometime next week!


After speaking with producer Gary on the phone, we’re not just the jackass guests he brings out for the last 20 minutes of pulling teeth, we’re there from minute one… all the nerves! Check out what our expectations are...

This week we sadly and very suddenly said goodbye to Prince. It should be pretty amazing to read all the stories that come out about his very Prince antics. Like the time he redecorated Carlos Boozer’s mansion without permission... Or that Chapelle Show skit with Charlie Murphy...

We talked about and played the insane solo that Prince shredded his part  of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” at the George Harrison tribute. Just watched it again, and dammit, he’s just incredible.

See you at the Moore, dummy!

083 - We'll Never Sell Out

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