066 - It's A Trap - We Spoil Star Wars VII

Get our take on the latest installment of Star Wars

December 21, 2015

*Thanks to everyone who attended the Our Dumb Christmas Party: The Dummies Strike Back! It was a total success and super fun playing laser tag with you. Thank you for the delicious cookies and cake pops! Also, thanks to Virtual Sports for hosting! You'll have to ignore this part of the pod bc we recorded it before the party*

Before you even dare to listen to this cast, we want to make something clear:

Warning graphic

It's all spoilers.

Fresh off a popcorn high a with half a bottle of whiskey in hand, we sat down with the Dummies to rehash Star Wars VII. Again, if you haven't seen this film - GO SEE IT, JACKASS. We're clearly super excited, short on microphones, and full of opinions. It has to be one of the most fun adventures we've been on.

Our pal, Sean Girvan, showed up to the Pacific Science Center's Boeing IMAX just before 5am on Thursday morning. He was fourth in line and JUST under the overhang protecting him from rain. One by one, our group of six slowly rolled in to hold down our place in line. We cued over and over in different locations. Thanks to @PacSci for letting us move inside at 3p so we could get warm AND for letting us bring in our tasty snacks!

Just before start time, in the coolest, no-trailers, best-sound-system-in-Seattle theater, in walks a small group of VIP's led by Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks - a huge Star Wars fan. He talked about getting excited for Black Santa and then led the theater in a round of "when I say SEA you say HAWKS". Imagine when the guy behind you kicking your seat is big ol number 72!

Again, if you haven't seen Episode VII yet, please go do that. It's so great.