5 Awesome Summer Camp Memories

There are so many more memories if you dig!

June 13, 2018

A Tall and a Small


It's pretty tricky to navigate the line between selling you an event and conveying the sheer joy said event brings me every year. When I was pondering how to keep things fresh, I started thinking of the awesome stuff that I can remember from previous Summer Camps. Couple that with a couple days of slowing surfing throughout Instagram feed, and I'm more excited than ever for Summer Camp 2018.

Vance Joy EndSession

Vance Joy was looking hella fit at Summer Camp, see:

If there's gonna be hair that blocks your view, let it be this hair. #TheEndSummerCamp

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As a 6'5" giant human, I better understand your shorty frustration. I told him afterward that he was looking super fit and it got weird. WHATEVER, VANCE JOY. These backstage performances are the ones that stick with me the most.

Andrew McMahon's Inflatable Friend

Whoever decided to start making these huge inflatable pool toys a few years ago is my hero because it lent itself to one of the best Summer Camp memories of all time - Andrew McMahon crowd surfing in this incredible duck.

Having the best time with you and @amnthewilderness ---- #TheEndSummerCamp

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I remember when it was only giant inflatable aligators in the swimming section at the superstore.

Campfire Songs

Luckily for all of us involved, the footage has been destroyed, but one year we went on stage and gathered around a stolen-from-our-sister-station fake fire. There was an acoustic guitar and song by The End staff performed to many confused looks and some pretty heavy awkwardness... until from out of nowhere Portugal. The Man pop up on stage and saved us. They had already booked two shows for the days following but didn't want to leave us hanging. They did a couple songs and minds were blown.

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As a means to get ready for my wedding, as a grown ass man, I started doing karate and never stopped. I took to the stage at Marymoor to announce a band coming out, but before, I demo'd a little hot karate action. All respectful martial arts start with a bow to the audience or opponent so to see the first 10 rows all bow back at me almost made me lol my face off, but I kept it together to do a little kata. 

I get paid to be this dumb. --Lacey Young #Seattle

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Best Friends

One year, I spent the weeks leading up to Summer Camp asking everyone to make friendship bracelets for me so we could, you know, be best friends! I go cruising around the joint to meet new friends and wrap my arm in colorful creations. That's when I stumbled upon Callie who was hard at work making this 107.7 The End bracelet for me. Callie is the best ever.

Thanks for all the awesome #SummerCamp friendship bracelets. If you made one or know who did, please comment!! -@heygregr #2minutepromise

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Friendship bracelet x 1,000,000!!! #SummerCamp -@heygregr

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