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December 9, 2016
Sounders FC Cascade Shale

by Branden

Welcome to the end of Jersey Week, not the celebration of New York’s neighbor, rather a fashion statement in the build-up to MLS Cup. Here’s to Seattle CRUSHING Toronto in the snow! It’s been exciting digging through my closet to get out all the old, one-time rain-soaked garments.

Whatever you do, never add up the cost of all your jerseys…

Listen to Ross and gregr’s MLS Cup preview

I’m taking a look at the kits of the last eight seasons and highlighting my favorites. I didn’t get to the keeper kits… Frankly, I don’t have any, and they don’t have the same variety as the others on offer.

Here are my Top 5 Seattle Sounders FC jerseys:

Sounders FC Pitch Black
by Gregr

1. Pitch Black
This thing looks good on anyone AND it if you put it on a Timbers fan they shrivel up into blob saw dust! Seriously, it makes you look like you’ve been cut from obsidian from a powerful volcano.
Pro: You look awesome.
Con: Because it was the third jersey, it barely got used RIP.

2. Rave Green 2009 MLS Debut season
It’s definitely not the best looking green shirt, but this thing is tradition. Like a proper youth reversible jersey of my childhood, the away kit was a simple flip of colors - blue top, green trim. If you imagine hard enough, you can conjure the ghost of Freddie Ljungberg being a dick to me.
Pro: You’re an OG fan.
Con: The weird arcs on the above the butt region.

3. Rave Green 2013
This is the kit that saved the day from that terrible bra-straps-on-the-outside experiment Adidas tried in 2011-12. It’s top notch with the Space Needle subtly embossed up one side and just enough blue under your armpits to make it all Sounders-y.
Pro: It’s the cleanest and quite stretchy so it’s fit snugly.
Con: Manboobs/backfat.

4. Pacific Blue
This thing is not only great looking for someone with blue eyes (me), but it’s also made of the most wonderful summertime smooth material this planet has ever seen. I would rub the belly of the Sarlacc if it wore this thing with a Lodeiro 10 on the back. Finally a return to the blue.
Pro: It feels so good.
Cons: This thing is so thin, your nipples will freeze right off if you’re not careful. | Cat hair magnet.

Sounders FC Cascade Shale
by Branden

5. Cascade Shale 2013-14
While I maintain that Shale is a terrible color, this thing just looks awesome. It has that super awesome intertwined line of blue and rave green on one side, and the contrast against the player name/number looks great from afar.
Pro: Great for gingers who look weird wearing green (me)
Con: Shale is a terrible color.

I don’t care which jersey you’re wearing while watching the match, all I care about is Seattle having a blast watching our team fight for a championship! We’re headed to Flatstick Pub in Pioneer Square to watch the match, see you there?

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